Keeping everyone safe amidst the Coronavirus pandemic

We just wanted to let you know about a few changes we’ve made, which we hope you’ll find reassuring in these times, so here’s a little summary.

Social distancing

Much as most of us would love a hug or a high five, please respect personal space by maintaining a social distance of 2m where possible. If you cannot, please face away from people as they are passing and be aware of those around you. Face coverings must be worn within this building when entering, leaving or going to the toilet.

We are only taking bookings for tables inside at this time, outside is allocated on a first come, first served basis.

We will be asking customers to wait for a team member to take you to your table, and to sanitise your hands. This is so we can take the time to explain how things will work from now on and to also keep an eye on the number of people we have inside the pub at any one time. If you do not have a table booking we cannot guarantee service for you. For the outside tables we are not taking bookings. Please respect those leaving the premises while you are waiting, there is an alternative exit but this may not be suitable for all.

Gatherings inside should be in groups of up to 6 people (inc children) from 6 households or two families. Please respect these numbers. We have not put them in place to be difficult, we are following the guidelines set. Please remain seated and do not mix amongst the tables.

At busy times, you may be asked to queue outside away from the building and as much as we’ll try our best to get everyone a table, it may not always be possible. Please call ahead on 01756 752525 and we will try our best to accommodate.

Cleaning (tables)

We want to reassure you that there’s regular cleaning going on in the pub; inside and out. All of our team will be washing their hands every twenty minutes and sanitising ‘touch points’ every half an hour to an hour. The tables and chairs will be cleaned after each customer. At every step, we’ll be following the highest of cleaning standards throughout the pub; inside and out and the kitchen .

Please be patient with us. We would rather be thorough than speedy.

Service at table

We are now able to offer tables inside and out but we are limited as to the number of guests that we can have at any one time – our apologies but this is the guidance that we must follow and how we can best serve our guests. Please be patient with us.

We’ll do our upmost to keep a safe distance where possible when taking orders and serving your table. The staff will be wearing face coverings but we’re still smiling underneath them. Please be patient with us, it is difficult to hear us through them.

There is no longer requirement for a substantial meal to order alcohol and we are offering our full menu. Last orders for food are 9:00 Monday – Saturday and 8:00 on Sundays. Drinks until late.

You’ll see changes to the way we’re setting the tables. To reduce the ‘contact’ with cutlery and to cut the risk of airborne contamination, we’re placing the knives, forks, and napkins on your table once you have ordered. All condiments; salt, pepper, vinegar and sauces will be served in packets and sachets or disposable sauce portions. We may ask for your help to pass things along so that we are not reaching over you.

You can also order via our Trof app which comes straight to the bar.

At peak times tables may be limited to a maximum stay of 90 minutes

How to order

We will take all orders at the tables or via the Trof app. There will be no one ordering at the bar or standing / sitting here. Please be patient with us while we adapt to the new way of working. Outside tables will be asked to “pay as you go” by card.

Space between tables

We want to reassure you that care and consideration has gone into spacing the distance between the tables and positioning of the chairs. We ask that you respect this and do not move the furniture.


Menus at The Devonshire will be sanitised between every guest as they are laminated. We do have disposable paper copies if you would prefer.

No bar service

Even though life usually revolves around the bar, please resist the temptation to stand at it. We’ll look after you at the table.

Payments and Tips

We kindly ask you to use contactless wherever possible however we know that some people prefer cash. The card machine will be sanitised between every use for the protection of you and our staff. If you would like to leave a tip it can be either added to the card tranasction or as cash.

Little touches

The little touches (that are often touched a lot) – may not be quite as prevalent just now. Things like the books, board games, dog biscuits, leaflets, some of the niceties in the rooms – we’ve popped them away for the time being, we hope you understand.


Toilets will be regularly cleaned and numbers visiting them at any one time will be restricted to two at a time. Please check before entry and respect the social distancing. Please keep your masks on at all times in the toilets and return to your table swiftly.

Children and dogs

Much as they like to, please don’t let them wander. Children must remain seated at your table and dogs must be kept on a lead.

Government NHS Test and Trace Scheme

We will ask for contact details from every member of the party over 16 as per the Government and NHS guidance to collect information to ‘track and trace’ if needed. The sign in will be QR code at the table or if you do not have a smart phone via ipad and will be securely kept for 21 days.
This is a legal requirement and is not negotiable, no sign in, no service.

Garden etiquette

Our outside tables are not available to book, you may need to wait for one at busy times but we will try our best to accommodate. Ordering for outside will be via app at the table or table service. External orders will be pay as you go. Nice and simple.

We also respectfully ask that you don’t move tables around, they have been positioned with thought.

If you are feeling at all unwell, please save your visit for another day. If you have a room booked please contact us ASAP and we will try our best to move your booking.


Please be patient with us while we adjust to the new way of working, we are following the new guidelines and legislation set out by the government and these are continually being updated. Abuse or aggression directed towards our staff will not be tolerated. You will be refused service and asked to leave.

We hope you find all these changes reassuring and feel free to chat anything through with any of our team when you visit.

If you are awaiting the results of a Covid test please do not visit.
It does not matter whether you are feeling ill or well, please reschedule.